1st trial of the year

we played agility at sotc this weekend.  it was our first trial since last fall, and i was wondering how things would go.  chase has been awesome at the teeter at home and in class and i was hoping it would transfer to competition. is it realy too much to as for a Q in novice standard?  apparently, it is.  and there were only 2 obstacles after the teeter - i thought we had it.  but no.  he got all 4 feet on the teeter, looked around, hopped off and jumped up on the table to sniff.  <sigh> back to the drawing board...or teeter board.  but he did awesome in open jumpers.  he Q'd and got first place - putting us up into excellent.  and i had fun. i do like competing.  and it's nice to do well.  but i also like getting out there, seeing everyone and watching other people run.  i'm finally at that point where i can walk a course and figure out the best way to run it for us - no more second guessing after seeing how other people are walking it.  they're dogs have other strengths and weakness and i need to concentrate on what chase can do.  now, if i can just get him to do the teeter in competition...!
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oh yeah

forgot to mention that we actually broke out the wii this past weekend.  i've only had it for almost a year - got it for my birthday last year.  at this point, we've only got the games that came with it and wii fit.  we played tennis.  i kicked guy's butt, but he ended up with more points because he played more games - he's not good at losing.  i had fun, but it certainly didn't help my shoulder any.  damn, but i'm in sad shape.  gotta try wii fit and see how that is.  at least it should give my arms a break.

and seriously phil, you called a press conference to tell us there'd be 6 more weeks of winter.  no kidding.  more like 10-12 more weeks of winter.  you're job is pretty pointless.  i'm amazed you aren't standing n the unemployment line.
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january thaw

what's to like about it?  warm weather (almost 50*) combined with pouring rain.  floods and mud.  yipee.  gave chaser a bath last night, which making me not want to walk him and turn him into a mud-ball tonight.
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i remember, once upon a time, that chaser-puppy was an actual puppy.  we started taking agility classes when he was 6 months old.  we slowly learned the obstacles, one or two a week.  the same thing over and over again.  using same the words and doing everything the same way so that he would learn the names for each obstacle and the body language that cues which way we're traveling next.  at the end of each class he'd curl up in the back of the car and sleep all the way home - being physically and mentally pooped.  then he got bigger and didn't need to sleep as much in general.  and he was getting it in class.  he'd still nap for a bit if there wasomething tough that we were working and he needed to figure out, but his head would pop up before we got home.  ah, the good old days.  now he doesn't rest at all afterwards and he's all reved up.  last night he kept hopping up with his front paws on me and staring at me with this expectant look on his face.  sorry dude, but after working monday, taking him for a walk, hanging out with pool team til the match is done, working all day tuesday, running home, grabbing chase and his stuff, grabbing a quick bite at mom's and then running agility courses for an hour and helping to move equiment and set up for the next class i'm just plain tired.  i get that he's in better shape than i am and that he wants to play some more.  but he's had an hour of my undivided attention and i need to relax.  sorry, but that's all you get on tuesday night.  i wish i could get him to walk/run on a treadmill - that would burn off some of his endless energy.  we could probably power the house with it.  he should really start pulling his weight around here.